Slot Overview in Gemix 2

Play’n GO has returned to one of their earliest grid slot hits, Gemix, seven years later to offer a sequel. Play’n GO has done a good job of recreating the original’s success, and the soundtrack plays a significant role in this, but they’ve also made some smart adjustments to the way features work in Gemix 2 and introduced a new character and a new setting. They’ve also cleaned up the remainder of the game in the hopes that, unlike Reactoonz 2, players would like Gemix 2.

Visually, the two games are nearly identical; none stands out as superior than the other. If it means anything, Gemix 2 does have a more fantasy history. Since the player travels between realms, the original Sacré-Coeur in the clouds visual will inevitably alter. If you know the original, you could be humming along to the tune in your brain as you read this. The Camelot/house soundtrack is perhaps one of the most renowned songs in all of iGaming, and one word to describe it would be rousing.

Bets on Gemix 2 may be adjusted from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin, the standard Play’n GO betting range. The return to player percentage of 96.2% is about par for the course for this company, and the volatility setting of medium is similar to that of the first installment. Naturally, the potential is higher now at 7,500x, albeit not by a large margin; Play’n GO says the original can give out winnings of up to 4,500x (which we have yet to witness, despite the fact that it’s been 7 years since the game was released).

The reductions also include some work done using symbols. There are still 8 different kinds of stones and candies that may be used as pay symbols in Gemix 2. The values are what have fallen. Clusters of 15 or more symbols are now valued between 4 and 200 times the wager, down from 7.5 to 1,000 previously. When 5 or more identical symbols appear in a vertical or horizontal cluster, the player is awarded the prize for that cluster. Then, new clusters of symbols fall down from above, replacing the ones that have been cleared away. It’s not only possible to win several times, but it’s required to activate certain bonuses.

Functions of Slots in Gemix 2

Charge meters leading to several multipliers are a staple of Play’n GO grid slots, and this one is no exception. Super Charge, World Patterns, Pick A Pocket, and World Wilds are just a few more features that players may take use of.

When a player obtains 25 or more winning symbols in a single spin, the Crystal Charge meter is full. Then, one of the following four Crystal Charge modifiers will be applied to the board:

With Nova Blast, one sign will explode, causing the surrounding symbols to be destroyed or transformed.

In Crystal Warp, a randomly chosen symbol type is warped into others.

One symbol fires beams of light that alter other symbols they strike.

Lightning bolt connects two corner symbols in a chain. When a symbol is struck, it moves to one of the four corners.

Collecting 50 symbols triggers a Super Charge, which unleashes the normal 4 effects plus a multiplier of x2. If you gather another set of 50 symbols, the Super Charge will activate again, and the multiplier will increase by 2 (to a maximum of x20).

Once again, we see the World Pattern. Below the pay symbols on the grid is a series of blue tiles. When victories land on these tiles, they’ll turn yellow. Turning the entire pattern yellow eliminates it, and money won contributes to a pot known as the World Bonus. Clearing a globe in globe Patterns results in G-Nome appearing on screen with two pockets visible. You can win the World Bonus if you click the correct one.

In addition, there are four watchmen who may emerge at any time throughout the game, each of whom provides a special wild icon. The brave hero can create up to 2 Mega wilds with multipliers, while the hardworking miner can create up to 10 wilds at once. The princess’s wilds can fill an entire reel, while the wizard may provide up to five sticky wilds.

Conclusion Slot in Gemix 2

Gemix 2 is an entertaining grid slot that is more endearing than it is risky. It’s loaded with features, there are plenty of them, and the cast of characters is unique and entertaining. The changes make the game seem fresh, even if they aren’t necessarily enough to classify it as either an improvement or a radically new experience. Gemix 2 has larger multipliers when things are going well, but its reduced symbol values make it more challenging to get started.

Playability is not an issue with Gemix 2. In addition to looking and feeling like Candy Crush, it also has the same ridiculous ‘just one more’ spin factor, making it similarly difficult to put down. World Pattern, oddly enough, is one of the key drivers. There’s a financial incentive to change those blue bricks to yellow, but there’s more at play here. It’s the same need that makes you want to mow your lawn in perfectly straight lines or place pieces together perfectly in games like Tetris. Maybe it’s in our nature to strive to impose order and symmetry on a seemingly chaotic universe. However, it might only be about the money.

Speaking of greenbacks, Gemix 2’s financial potential has been upped, as it usually is to make the sequel attractive, albeit the shift isn’t particularly dramatic. A wild spin would be one that resulted in a payoff of 7,500 times the initial wager. We’re talking about how Gemix 2 throws in everything but the kitchen sink in order to achieve this triumph. The drastically lowered symbol values are often what works against you. To make up for it, receive part two one on a mega roll, where the x20 multiplier replaces the x3 multiplier from the original.

It would be fascinating to watch how Gemix 2 does after the lukewarm reception Reactoonz 2 received. The gap between Gemix and Gemix 2 appears to be wider than that between the two Reactoonz games, but only time will tell. In the same vein, playing Gemix 2 makes you realize how well-made the first game was. Gemix 2 may seem complicated, but all you have to do to reactivate the Super Charge function is rack up as many consecutive victories as possible. It’s easy to understand in concept but more challenging than ever to write down.